ES Earthquakes Chili vs Haiti

Earth Science
Earthquake comparison Haiti quake vs. Chile quake
Please read the following article, and then answer the questions.
Tale of two quakes
1) Compare and contrast the quakes according to the following criteria:
a. Strength of the quake
b. Focus and epicenter in relation to major urban centers
c. Earthquake experience of the population
d. Ability of the government to respond to a catastrophe
e. Death toll in each country
f. Building codes in each country
2) How can Haiti better prepare for future Earthquakes?
Please click on the link below to begin part 2 of the assignment. Then answer the
questions that follow.
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
1) Notice that many of the major quakes are listed by year. Take a few minutes
to explore this screen. Notice major quakes are listed by year, and that large
earthquakes happen often.
2) Click on the link for the Chili quake that occurred on February 27th, 2010
3) Notice there are tabs at the top Details, Summary, etc.
4) Answer the following questions
a. Where was the epicenter of the Earthquake? (latitude, longitude)
b. How deep was the focus of the quake?
c. How far did the quake occur from Concepcion?
d. Mark the epicenter of the Earthquake with a star on your map.
e. What plates are associated with the Chili quake? (draw them in
With arrows showing plate movement and the type of boundary)
f. How many after shocks have there been since the Feb 27th quake?
g. Find the Historic Seismicity map and explain the geographic
distribution of the earthquakes, depth of focus in relation to the plate
movement for the area on the map.