What the Romans did for us!
Welcome back, I hope you had a lovely Easter. Following on from our Stone Age topic last
term, our topic this term will be ‘What the Romans did for us’. If you would like to view the
objectives for this term, please read the curriculum jigsaw which is in our class page on the
school website.
Play scripts
Times tables
We will focus on play scripts to begin with this term.
The children will read and act out plays from Julia
Donaldson’s book ‘Playtime’. They will progress to
writing their own Roman scenes for a class play.
It is important that the children continue to
practise their times tables to improve their
rapid recall. Children in year 3 are expected to
practise their 3, 4, 6 and 8 times tables. I will
check the children’s recall on a weekly basis.
Non-chronological reports
Following on from our learning about the Romans
this term, we will write reports. The children will
complete their own research, plans and reports on
their chosen focus.
Roman Numerals
I will be teaching the children to identify the
Roman numerals for the following numbers; 112, 50, 100.
General reminders
The children will continue to have their P.E lessons on a Wednesday and Thursday.
Please ensure that they have a labelled P.E kit in school on these days. As the weather
begins to get warmer, I plan to take the children outside for P.E. It would be useful for
the children to bring their trainers on P.E. days.
The children will continue to have their spelling test every Friday. They are prompted to
record their scores in their home spelling books.
Homework will still be given on a Friday and must be completed by the following
Wednesday. They will receive ‘My maths’ homework every week, please speak to Miss
Berryman if you are having any difficulties.
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