Frequency and Wavelength Mathematical Practice

Wavelength and Frequency Practice - Mathematical
Show all given information, equations, and work in the space provided.
E = hf
c = speed of EM radiation = 3.0 x 108m/s
h = Planck’s constant = 6.626 x 10-34 Js
λ = wavelength (m)
f = frequency (Hz)
1) Microwaves have a frequency of about 108 Hz. What is their approximate wavelength in m? in nm?
2) An x-ray has a wavelength of about 0.01nm. What is the frequency of the x-ray in Hz?
3) The color of an atomic spectrum has a frequency of 6.2 x 1014 Hz. How much energy did the electron
lose when giving off this light?
4)If some electromagnetic radiation has 25,000J of energy, what was the frequency of the spectrum?
5) A ray of electromagnetic radiation has only 0.005J of energy. What is the wavelength of the wave?
(Hint: you may have to find the frequency first.)
Answers: 1) 3m; 3 x 109nm 2) 3 x 1019 Hz 3) 4.1 x 10-19J 4) 3.77 x 1037Hz 5) 3.98 x 10-23m
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