Wavelength, Frequency & Energy of Electromagnetic Radiation

Wavelength, Frequency & Energy of Electromagnetic Radiation
Equations & constants
C = 2.998 x 108 m/s
H = 6.626 x 10-34 Js
V = C
E = hv
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Level 1
A wave oscillates with a frequency of 9.05 x 1015 Hz. What is the energy (in J) associated
with this wave?
2) It requires a photon with a minimum energy of 4.41 x 10-19J to emit electrons from sodium
metal. What is the minimum frequency of light necessary to emit electrons (In Hz)?
Level 2
3) One type of sunburn occurs on exposure to UV light of wavelength 325nm. What is the
energy of a photon of this wavelength?
4) What wavelength (in nm)of radiation has photons of energy 2.87 x 10 -18J? In what portion
of the electromagnetic spectrum would this radiation be found?
Level 3
5) Calculate the energy of a photon from an FM radio station at a frequency of 101.1 MHz
6) Sun tan lotion does the job of protecting us from UV-B waves that have a wavelength of
approximately 280nm. What is the frequency and energy associated with those waves?
7) The energy from radiation can be used to cause the rupture of chemical bonds. A
minimum energy of 1.56 x 10-18 J/photon is required to break the nitrogen-nitrogen bond
in N2. What is the longest wavelength of radiation that possesses the necessary energy to
break the bond? Why type of electromagnetic radiation is this?
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