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Study Guide Chapter 4-1 Chem 2013


Study Guide Chapter 4-1 Name _________________________________ 1.



What is a wave? Label all of its parts! Wavelength, frequency, amplitude, crest, trough What is the symbol for wavelength? What are the units for wavelength? 4.



What is the definition for wavelength? What is frequency? What are the units for frequency? 7.


What is the symbol for frequency? What is the electromagnetic spectrum? 9.

What is electromagnetic radiation? 10.

What are the seven major types of electromagnetic radiation? 11.

What is the relationship between frequency and wavelength? 12.

What is the relationship between frequency and energy? 13.

What is the equation used to solve frequency and wavelength problems? 14.

What is the speed of light? 15.

Explain the photoelectric effect? (you can use the video we watched to explain it) 16.

Who suggested the theory of quanta? 17.

What is a quantum? 18.

What is Planck’s constant? 19.

What is the equation for energy? 20.

Who changed the equation for energy and how did the change it? 21.

What is a photon? 22.

What is the continuous spectrum? 23.

What is the emission line spectrum? 24.

How does an electron move from the ground state to the excited state? 25.

What is the difference between absorption and emission? 26.

When does an atom gain energy, absorption or emission? 27.

Explain Bohr’s model of the atom. 28.

What is the frequency in of light that has a wavelength of 310nm? 29.

What is the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation if its frequency is 3.2 x 10 -8 MHz? 30.

What is the frequency in Megahertz of orange light which has a wavelength of 3.25 x 10 5 cm? 31.

What is the energy of a gamma ray that has a frequency of 4.66 x 10 -19 hertz? 32.

What is the frequency in hertz of a microwave if it produces 1.36 x 10 14 J?