DRAFT INPUT Supplier Request for Information or

Supplier Request for Information or Change
TO: ATK Representative
Supplier Name, City, State:
Purchase Order:
Line Item:
Part Number:
Part Name:
Describe the issue for which you want contractual relief:
Submitted By:
F14002 [275] (1) 4/22/14
Response Requested By:
Directions for Drafting SRIC Input
Most blocks are self-explanatory as to what information is required. Some blocks may require
Block title
Information required
Name of ATK representative you are working with (buyer, Material
Program Manager, etc.)
Describe the issue for which you
want contractual relief:
Provide as much information as possible so the ATK evaluation
board can make an informed decision.
Describe WHAT you want to change and WHY the change will
benefit ATK (i.e., yield improvement, process control improvement,
cycle time reduction, etc.)
If proposing a process change:
NOTE: this includes but is not limited to: change in sequence of
operations; introduction of equipment not previously used; the
above changes at a subtier processor; change to a previously
unused subtier processor
Affected process document and revision
Proposed Process Qualification/Verification Plan (e.g.,
number of trials, configurations to test, inspection plan, etc.)
Proposed change effectivity
If requesting drawing relief:
Affected drawing and revision (your own or ATK drawing)
Characteristic for which relief is being requested
Justification for granting relief, including unsuccessful
measures taken to meet the requirement
Proposed change effectivity
Identify any attachments you submit. If submitting electronic files,
include filename as well as a description of the file if it’s not apparent
from the filename.
Submitted by:
Typed name is acceptable, written signature is not required. Include
contact information for ease in follow-up.
F14002 [275] (2) 4/22/14