Applicant Name: Essyria Price As my high school years come to a

Applicant Name: Essyria Price
As my high school years come to a close, I am excited about my future as a
college student!
My plans to become a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon began as a young child. I
always had a fascination with bones and how they heal which can be attributed to the
fact that I was a bit clumsy growing up. I can recall a time when I broke my arm and
was terrified of having surgery, thinking that when I woke up I would be armless for the
rest of my life, yes I really believed that! Needless to say, what lifted my spirits was my
amazing surgeon, who reassured me that no such thing would happen and explained
the intricate process by showing me x-rays, allowing me to see the tools that would be
used, and answering all of my questions. After waking up with my brand new blue cast
and everything in one piece, I happily told anyone that would listen my surgery
experience as if I performed it! From that moment, I knew that my destiny lied in
helping children through medicine.
I have always had a passion for learning and education, even from a young age,
and have done my best to excel through the entirety of my academic tenure.
Throughout my high school years I have been recognized for my academic
achievements, stayed in the top 11% of my graduating class, and always maintained a
high GPA.
Understanding that grades are not the only thing that makes a student great, I
make it a point to stay involved in many outreach services through my school and
church. Community service efforts are very important to me, and I want to make sure
Applicant Name: Essyria Price
that my contributions are felt. Community service allows us to bond as one for a
common cause; get people actively engaged in doing GOOD! My dream of becoming
an Orthopedic Pediatric Surgeon represents more than just a title. I want to help better
the lives of less fortunate children around the world through medicine!
Coming from a large family, I know that my goal to become a Medical
Professional is a lofty dream and will require a great deal of time in school and
monetary assistance due to my families limited income. I plan to attend Baylor
University, Waco and earn a Bachelors Degree in Biology and then continue on to
medical school to pursue my Medical Degree. This scholarship would assist me in
meeting my tuition fees and reaching my goal to simply attend college. Being the eldest
of 3 siblings, and the daughter of an active military member, I feel that it is my
responsibility to show that you are capable of doing anything that you put your mind to.
Obstacles may arise, but as long as you have the perseverance and fortitude to
overcome them, your goal is always attainable. I don’t care to sit behind the crowd and
WATCH things happen; I want to be the one that MAKES things happen!