Cells Unit Test Review Answers

Cell Test Review Answers
When looking through a microscope, which objective lens should you look
through first? The smallest or the biggest?
2. What is the purpose of a coverslip?
Keep the specimen from drying out
3. What is the scientific name for what you are looking at through a
4. When using a microscope, what is the purpose of a stain (the blue stuff I
put on your onion cell)?
Used to color parts of the cell
5. Put the following in order of smallest to largest…cells, organs, tissues, organ
Cells, Tissues, Organs, Organ Systems
6. What is a tissue?
Group of cells which are the same, all doing the same job
7. What is the purpose of the excretory system?
Helps our bodies get rid of waste materials
8. What is an organ system?
Collection of organs working together to do an important job
9. What is an organ?
Group of tissues helping each other to do a very important job
10. List three organs in the digestive system.
Mouth, intestines, and stomach
11. If a microscope has a x5 eyepiece and a x0 objective lens, what is the total
12. Be able to identify the objective lens on a microscope.
Cell Exploration Activities
13. Be able to identify the following parts of a plant cell and an animal cell:
vacuole, nucleus, cytoplasm, cell wall, chloroplast, cell membrane
Animal & Plant Cell Quiz or Drawings
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