Slot Notes 3

The Cell and Inheritance
According to _____________________________________, genes are carried
from their parents to their offspring on _____________________.
Remember, humans have 46 chromosomes.
Those chromosomes are in pairs. 23 come from the father’s ____________,
and 23 come from the mother’s ______________.
When the sperm and egg come together, the resulting ______________ has all
46 chromosomes.
How do sperm and eggs end up with only half the number of chromosomes?
Instead of dividing by _________________, the parent cells of sperm and eggs
divide by a process called _______________.
During meiosis the chromosomes pairs separate and are distributed to two
different cells. The resulting cells have only ____________ as many
chromosomes as the other cells in the organism.
When the chromosomes pairs separate and go into two different sex cells, so
do the alleles carried on each chromosome. One allele from each pair goes to
each sex cell.
Stages of Meiosis