Service Provision Agreement to adopt and developing Integrated

Training on Board Governance and Leadership for Selected staff
of CORHA Member Organizations
I. Background
Since its establishment in 1995, CORHA has been engaged in implementing
various programs. CORHA’s program areas include advocacy, networking and
coordination, capacity building and resource mobilization. Under its capacity
building efforts, CORHA has carried out various capacity building trainings in order
to build and strengthen the capacities of service providers, program managers,
executive boards and administrative and financial personnel of member and partner
organizations including the public sector.
Currently, CORHA is implementing a project entitled “Enhancing the Capacity of
NGOs for Quality FP/MCH Services” through direct USAID financial support. The
project is expected to improve the capacity of CORHA member organizations to
enable them provide quality FP/MCH services in their target areas. It mainly
focuses on strengthening technical, organizational and institutional capacity of the
selected CORHA member organizations.
As part of this project, CORHA is planning to provide a two rounds three (3) days
each basic training on Board Governance and Leadership for 40 selected staffs
of the direct project beneficiary member organizations.
II. Objectives
General Objective:
The general objective of this training is to make clear understanding of the Board
members in non-profit sector the duties and responsibilities that they are legally
expected to perform.
Specific objectives:
Increase understanding of the unique nature of the nonprofit sector in
Improve professional skills of leadership in nonprofit organizations and the
governance process.
Enhance knowledge about the roles and responsibilities of nonprofit
organization boards of directors and the challenges in carrying them out
Enable participants to identify the critical factors that impact the ability of the
board to govern and how to intentionally change them into positive
Enhance the knowledge of trainees about
the legal duties
and core
responsibilities of the Board
III. Training documents
Trainers/ the consultants have to prepare the training document, notes,
exercises, training schedule and other relevant issues that enable to equip
the necessary knowledge for the trainees
IV. Required qualification, skill and experience
The task requires two trainers that should have at least second University
degree or equivalent in Law, Management and Social Sciences or other
closely related field of studies
Legal consultancy firm with the required professional and experience
Familiarity and practical experience in the area, particularly in developing
Board Governance and Leadership manual and/or strategies
Proven experience on providing trainings on Board Governance and
Able to attach testimonials for this proven experiences and copy of the
training manuals.
V. Duration of the contract
The training will be conducted in two rounds (3 days each) continuously in February
2016 (specific date will be set later on) at Adama or Bishoftu town. The duration of
this task, therefore includes, six days of the training and four days for preparation
to the training and producing the report.
VI. Terms of payment
The payment will be effected upon the completion of the training and submission of
a comprehensive report to CORHA.
Taxation will be as per the law of the land. The Consultant shall be liable for all
taxes levied by the Government.
Interested consultants/consultancy firms satisfying the required qualification and
skills are invited to submit hard copies of their technical and financial proposals with
a cover letter to the CORHA office, located at Kebena area, near to OiLibiya,
Oromiya Forest and Wildlife Development Enterprise Building, 1st Floor before 5
February 2016; 4:30 pm.
In case of any clarifications / doubts, please write to Dejene Getahun
[email protected] or call at 0911693950.
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