Prof. Susan Whiting
Government and Politics of China
POLS 442/SISEA 449
Reading Questions #9
Elizabeth Economy, The River Runs Black
1. What are the major environmental challenges that China has faced since the beginning of
the reform era?
2. In terms of water and air pollution, what are the major driving forces behind the
deteriorating environment? What roles do government, firms, and citizens play?
3. What are the global implications of China’s environmental degradation?
Arthur P. J. Mol and Neil T. Carter, China’s Environmental Governance in Transition
1. When and how did China’s environmental protection institution come about? Compare
its origin with other planned economies’ environmental institutions.
2. How are China’s environmental administrative agencies organized?
3. What transitions are occurring in China’s environmental governance experiencing? How
might these transitions influence environmental outcomes?
4. What does GONGO stand for? How is different from NGOs? To what extent is GONGO
an example of corporatism?
5. How would you assess the impact of international integration on China’s environmental
governance? International integration is a multi-faceted process that includes increasing
trade, foreign assistance from other countries and international organizations, negotiation
over international environmental conventions, and so on.
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