Your Golden Rules of Account Management Bespoke In

Your Golden Rules of Account Management
Bespoke In-house workshop - 3 days
A bespoke, 3 part suite of workshops developed specifically for CMA members and their account management
team, delivered in 3 monthly one day sessions. By the end of this programme account managers and directors
will have a clear understanding of how to balance the demands of clients and the agency and how to manage
their time most efficiently and commercially.
“The trainer was very knowledgeable and able to use her experience in a collaborative fashion, not as a lecture”
Richard Braggins, Account Director, Editions Financial
 To focus on the essential qualities and skills for excellence in account management
 To identify what constitutes ‘best practice’ – both for the client, and for your agency
 To develop appropriate business strategies for different account types
 To look at the principles of customer relationship management and how to apply them day to day
By the end of this 3 part programme, delegates will have created their own Golden Rules of Account
Management to help them take a confident and proactive approach towards securing and developing profitable
client business relationships with your agency.
Day 1
Qualities of Excellence: the two-headed miracle worker!
What sets you apart from other agencies? The secrets of your success and the value that you uniquely bring
to your clients
Defining the role of the Account Manager/Director
Setting your Standards for Account Management
Qualities of account management excellence
o From a client perspective
o From an agency perspective
Achieving a balance and protecting status
Essential Skills Checklist:
 Sales Skills for the 21st Century
 How to achieve the status of a trusted advisor with your client
 Managing client expectations
Key Communication Skills + exercises
The Language of Account Management – ‘do’s and don’ts’
Influencing Skills
Writing skills
Internal communications with your team
The language of negotiation
Presenting big ideas in a big way – achieving impact
Managing stress levels
Day 2
Taking a Strategic Approach: Thinking like an Agency
The importance of taking a strategic approach to account management
Understanding the client-relationship axis ( from transactional to partnership
Identifying different account types and assessing their relative value to our business
The Account Opportunity Matrix
What constitutes a ‘good’ account?
Developing appropriate strategies for each account type to protect existing business and identify new
Developing a VISION for each of your accounts
How to set meaningful and deliverable objectives (for client and agency)
Measures of success – agreeing the client’s criteria for judgement and delivering against these
Thinking like the Client – speaking their language
Developing a network of contacts across your client
Day 3
Client Relationship Management
What IS CRM and why is it a critical component of Account Management
Building awareness of the client’s business challenges
How to achieve ‘client intimacy’ through CRM
Building multi-level relationships with across all stakeholders
Client management checklist
o Essential documentation
o Reporting styles/structures
o Formal Account Review
How to structure an effective client meeting
What your client can expect (relates to Standards on Day 1)
Developing your Client Charter – workshop exercise
10 Golden Rules of Account Management Excellence (derived from all 3 days) – final workshop exercise
Fee Structure and Terms of Business
Total cost of Your Golden Rules of Account Management in-house programme: £6,500 + VAT which includes:
 Pre workshop briefing meeting to ensure that the trainer fully understands your business and challenges
and can adapt course materials and exercises to be most relevant for attendees
 Development of all course materials
 Delivery of courses
 Travel to client offices/venue (inside M25)
 Subsistence for trainer
 Comprehensive delegate course notes – supplied electronically/memory sticks
 Formal/informal feedback as required
Fees excludes: delegate refreshments and venue hire costs
Full payment is requested within 30 days of the first course date
Up to 8 delegates per workshop
 Courses within the M25 run from 9.30am – 5pm
 1 hour for lunch; 15 minutes for coffee (mid-morning) and 15 minutes for tea (mid-afternoon)
Debra Sharron - Founder and Managing Director - Media Sales Training Ltd
Clients include: Archant Dialogue, Associated Newspapers, Cedar, Century One, Conde Nast,
Egmont Magazines, Forward,Future Plus, Guardian News & Media,IDG Communications,
Immediate Media, IPC Media,Newsquest, Professional Publishers Association,River,Seven,Ten Alps,
TriNorth, William Reed Business Media
How to book
If you are interested in booking in-house training for your agency staff or would like to discuss in more detail,
please contact - [email protected]