Graphic Organizer Example

To Do: write an essay explaining
how space debris occurs and what
problems it causes (use details from
both texts)
How space debris
occurs (cause)
Problems it
creates (effect)
Astronaut James Voss
dropped a large vise in
2001 in space. (Text 1)
It became part of space
junk that now orbits the
The U.S. and Soviet Union
have placed more than
4,000 satellites into orbit.
(Text 1)
Many of these satellites do
not work anymore and are
now space junk.
Rockets that launch
satellites also create space
debris. (Text 1)
Several of these rockets
explode in space every
year and scatter pieces of
junk throughout space.
Astronauts litter in space
also. For ex, gloves,
cameras, toothbrush,
comb, and power tools
have been left in space.
(Text 1)
“There are now 4,000,000
pounds of man-made stuff
zooming around earth.”
Also, space junk travels
fast and can cause damage
to space shuttles.
A satellite was launched
into space on September
of 1991. (Text 2)
Millions of trash and debris
are still floating in space
and spinning dangerously
fast (about 18,000 miles
per hour). (Text 2)
Humans keep sending stuff
up into space. (Text 2)
The satellite broke into pieces
that were found in Canada.
It can crash into expensive
aircraft or the
International Space Station
The junk pile continues to