Trail Trials - Sagebrush Cowhorse Assoc

Trail Trials
Saturday, September 20, 2014
Deb and Tom Mason’s Home
708-200 Wingfield Rd. East, Janesville, CA
Start Time is 10:00 a.m., rider meeting at 9:45
Presented By:
Sagebrush Cowhorse Association
Awards to the top 3 places in the Open division
Awards to the top 3 placing Jr riders
Pre entry: $25.00, includes BBQ lunch, bring your own chair!
Post entry: add $5.00 if entering the day of event
Rider/Handler_____________________________________Age if Junior___________
Phone Number_______________________________
Name of Horse_____________________________________
Horse Owner______________________________________________
Specify Class Open______ Junior (17 & under)________
Entry Fees:
Pre entry
Post entry
Extra BBQ lunch
$25 includes BBQ lunch
$30 includes BBQ lunch
$15individual/$25 family
$8 each
Make Checks Payable to Sagebrush Cowhorse Association (SCA)
Mail to: SCA PO Box 270242, Susanville, CA 96127
Neither the Sagebrush Cowhorse Association, the Mason’s, nor individuals and officials of the competition
will be responsible for Any loss, theft, damage, or injury that may occur before, during or after the event to
any animal or to any person whether they are exhibitor, owner, trainer, agent, or spectator. Presentation of
the entry shall be deemed acceptance of this rule.
Signature Owner/Agent
Signature Parent/Guardian of Junior
The Mason Ranch is located on the edge of beautiful Elysian Valley. Turn
onto Wingfield Road off of Janesville Main Street and go .7 miles. Look for
the Trail Trials event signs and flagging. You will be turning left at the
signs. For further information you can contact Ronnie @ 253-2125 or Kami
@ 310-0413.
Entries for must be postmarked 7 days prior to the event and Mailed to:
P.O. Box 270242
Susanville, CA 96127
Make checks payable to SCA.
Post entries will be charged an extra $5.00. Sign-ups end at 9:30 a.m. the day of event.
The Trail Trials is an event to show how well a horse and rider can negotiate various
obstacles out in the open. The obstacles are similar to ones that may be encountered in a
ranch setting or out on a trial ride and may include cow work. Whenever possible, realistic
or natural obstacles are used.
Must be a member in good standing to participate. Membership forms will be
available at registration.
The entry fee is $25.00 if postmarked 7 days prior to event date and it includes
a BBQ lunch. $5.00 post entry penalty. Pre entries are appreciated for planning
purposes but you may enter the day of the event.
Park only in designated parking area and please be respectful and pick up all
One horse per rider, per event.
All riders 12 and under will wear an approved safety helmet. All riders 13 to
17 are encouraged to wear a safety helmet.
Riders will wear appropriate riding attire which includes riding boots and long
Horses may be ridden in any bridle regardless of age. All humane tack is
allowed. No tie downs.
There will be awards 1st through 3rd place in both the open class and the youth
There will be a riders meeting 15 minutes prior to start time. At this meeting
the course will be outlined and the riders will have the opportunity to ask
Judges will read directions for each individual obstacle when it is the riders turn
to go. The judges are not allowed to give advice or demonstrate how the
obstacle is to be maneuvered. The judges can only repeat the directions as per
the rider’s request
Each obstacle is judged on a point system of 0 to 10, with 10 being the
highest. If the horse refuses the obstacle three times, the judge will waive the
rider on and give a zero score for that obstacle. All scoring is at the discretion
of the judge and will not be over ruled. A horse will score higher for
performing willingly and with an alert and responsive attitude.
Horse and rider will be disqualified if they go off course or bypass an obstacle
without attempting it. No money will be refunded.
No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated. Horses, riders, judges and all
volunteer staff will be respected. At the boards discretion a rider can be
disqualified from the entire event. No money will be refunded.
Unnecessary roughness, including the over use of spurs will count as a major
fault. At the discretion of the obstacle judge a rider may be disqualified from
that particular obstacle.
Practicing trail obstacles on the ground prior to the event will be cause for
disqualification. This includes both horse and rider.