School Rules - Larkrigg Riding School

School Rules – For the attention of ALL spectators and users
of the school.
 Absolutely no unauthorised persons to enter the school for any reason
without the express permission of the instructor in the school. This
includes parents of children participating in lessons.
 Please do not stand at the school fence or gate to watch lessons. Doing
so may distract both riders and horses and may cause an accident.
 Please refrain from giving either advice or encouragement to riders in
the school. Either can distract or startle horses and riders.
 Absolutely no smoking in or around the school at any time.
 Please do not bring dogs down to the school.
Please do not allow children to run, shout or play near the school or on
any equipment.
Lessons/all riders
 If having a lesson do not get on until an instructor is in the school.
 Pass other horses and riders left shoulder to left shoulder (i.e. riders
on the right rein move off the track).
 Mount and dismount in the center out of the way of other riders.
 Keep a horses length between you and the horse in front. If passing
leave enough room that one horse isn't able to bite or kick at the
horse on the other track.
 Know where the nearest phone and first aid kit are in case of
 Keep the gate closed at all times.
 Be aware and respectful if another is having problems with a horse,
is riding a young horse, or is a beginner or timid rider. Try not to get
in the way of others.
 In an emergency get off: If a rider falls off and a horse gets loose, all
riders should stop and if necessary dismount.
Liveries/visitors to the school
 Try to schedule your riding for times when the arena is not being
used for lessons. If riding during a lesson try to be unobtrusive.
 Clean up the arena after use. Clear out manure, put away jumps and
pole. Leave it the way you found it or better.