Topic Web Term 3 Class 5 The Mayans

What was it like for Mayan men, women and children?
What was Mayan religion like?
What jobs did Mayan people do?
What was daily life like for the Mayans?
What impact did the Spanish discovery of the Mayans have on
their culture?
How did Mayan civilisation change over time?
What was the Olmec civilisation?
What were Mayan temples and cities like?
Class Reader: Journey to the River Sea
Can I write a newspaper report about an unusual event?
Can I write a story about life as a Mayan?
Can I write an information text about the way the Mayan
people lived?
Can I understand why the characters in a story make the
choices that they make?
Can I write a story in the style of another author?
What did the Mayans know about the
What scientific discoveries did the
Mayans have?
What science did the Mayans use which
we use today?
The Mayan Civilisation
Can I use binca to create a piece of sewing with more
complicated stitches and create a design?
Can I create a wire sculpture?
Can I embellish my sculpture?
Can I look at my design work critically and explain what I
would do differently next time?
Class 5
What is the weather like in Mexico?
How do plants and animals in Mexico differ
to plants and animals in the UK?
How did the environment contribute to the
way the Mayans built their homes?
Can I explain what the Mexican biome is
Can I describe Mexico using terms such as
climate zone and vegetation belt?
We are planning on holding a Mayan Celebration day where
we will practically explore and celebrate what it was to live
as a Mayan. Further details will follow in the half term.
Can I learn songs that support my understanding of topics and my
Can I continue to work on using musical recording to support my
Can I sing as a whole group, in parts and in canon with others?
Can I learn songs that have repetition for effect to support the
development of my memory?
A study of a famous British scientist, their discoveries and how they
impact our lives today.
Swimming: Children will be in ability groups and will continue to follow
the challenging programme of study.
Dance: With Mrs Priest
Going for Goals
Do I understand how and why people set goals or targets?
Can I set a target with achievable steps?
Can I monitor my progress?
Do I know how to support others to help them reach their goal?
Can I save an image document as a .gif or
Can I explore the menu options in Textease
Paint and experiment with the graphics I
choose to use?
Can I add special effects, such as shadows,
to an image?
Can I choose images to import into a word
Can I choose the correct text wrapping tool
for the purpose I need?
What can I find out about Islamic and
Jewish prayer?
What can I learn from Islamic and Jewish
Do I understand why prayer is important to
Can I draw links between my own
experiences and the experiences of Jewish
and Islamic believers?