Module Title: Continuing Personal and Professional
Development (CPPD)
Level: 5
Credit Value: 10
Module code:
Semester(s) in which to be offered:
1 and2
Title of module being replaced (if any): EDS 330 Reflective Practice (2)
Originating Subject: Education and Community
Module duration (contact hours/
directed/directed private study:
With effect from: Sept 2009
Module Leader: Daryll Griffiths
Status: core/option/elective (identify programme where
appropriate): Core
Percentage taught by Subjects other than originating Subject (please name other Subjects):
Programme(s) in which to be
Certificate in Education
Tuesday, 09 February 2016
Pre-requisites per programme
(between levels):
Co-requisites per programme
(within a level):
Module Aims
Develop own role of the teacher in the Lifelong Learning Sector
Describe theories and principles of reflective practice, and models of continuing personal and
professional development
Take responsibility for own continuous personal and professional self development
Demonstrate ways in which CPPD activities has improved own practice
Expected Learning Outcomes
At the end of this module, students should be able to:
Knowledge and Understanding:
1. Analyse and compare different teaching roles and contexts in the lifelong learning sector
2. Evaluate own role and responsibilities with reference to specialist area and as part of a team
3. Explain the impact of own beliefs, assumptions and behaviours on learners and others
4. Explain the impact of own professional, personal, interpersonal skills on learners and others
5. Describe and compare relevant theories, principles and models of reflective practice in relation
to own development
6. Use self reflection to develop own knowledge, practice and skills
7. Explain the impact of CPPD activities on own professional practice, identifying and further
learning and development needs.
Transferable/Key Skills and other attributes:
To identify, share and promote good practice, including innovative approaches to teaching of
specific subjects
Maximise opportunities for career planning
Adopt strategies to enable personal and professional development
To give and receive constructive feedback
To develop planning, organisational and study skills
Use critical reflection to contribute to improvements in practice
Outcomes to
be met
Tuesday, 09 February 2016
Type of assessment
Development Portfolio
(in required format)
(if exam)
Word count or
equivalent if
Learning and Teaching Strategies
The module will support the students in the identification and development of self as a teacher
professional. Tutor inputs will be used to explore problem based case studies to develop a critical
awareness of issues in the lifelong learning sector and to enable reflection of own development to
identify CPD need.
The VLE will be used extensively to encourage discussions in order to broaden the student experience
and promote further technology based learning.
Syllabus outline
Study skills
Work/life balance
Identifying the characteristics of excellent learning and teaching
Developing skills of evaluation, reflection and critical narrative.
Developing constructive feedback skills
Principles and processes underpinning peer observation and the reflective process
Aligning personal needs with subject areas and institutional goals
Collaborative learning and its relationship to the enhancement of quality
Multi media as a tool for enhancing learning, teaching and professional development
Useful reading
Lave, J. and Wenger E. (1990), Situated learning. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Megginson, D. and Whitaker, V. (2007), Continuing Professional Development. 2nd ed. London: CIPD.
Schon, D.A. (1995), The Reflective Practitioner: How professionals think in action, Aldershot, Arena.
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Zachary, L.J. (2002), The Role of Teacher as Mentor, New Directions for Adult and Continuing
Education, No. 93, Spring, pp27-37.
Tuesday, 09 February 2016