1920`s Research Project and Presentation Topics for Research

1920’s Research Project and Presentation
Topics for Research:
1. 1920s dress fashions (how did people dress and how was this different from the way people
dressed before the 1920s?)
2. 1920s dances, music, movies. (Describe the dances, the music, and artists)
3. Communism and the red scare (what was it and why were people afraid?)
4. Sacco and Vanzetti (Why were they arrested, describe the court case, why was it important?)
5. Warren G. Harding’s presidency (information on events during his term in office)
6. American involvement in Latin America in the early 1900s
7. Why was America growing in the early 1920s, what caused it?
8. Prohibition (What was it and what did it cause) Ex. Bootlegging, speakeasies, organized crime
9. Harlem Renaissance – What was it, why was it important, and who was involved?
10. Sports icons – what sports were popular and who was famous around the 1920s?
Please Note:
You are researching these topics with the goal of creating a newspaper with at least one article
on each research topic. Remember that a newspaper has multiple sections, sports, world news,
obituaries, front page, opinion, etc. Split these topics up among the group members in your row in
order to research all topics in the 4 days we have in the computer lab. Take notes in your Social
Studies notebooks.