Canterbury Tales Prompts - Doral Academy Preparatory

Canterbury Tales Prompts
Prompt 1:
The Wife of Bath is among the 29 pilgrims on the journey. What message is she giving her
companions about women and men? Though it was told in the Middle Ages, how might the
message of her tale be relevant today? Explain your answer in at least 300 words, using
evidence from the text.
Prompt 2:
The knight is given a choice between having a wife who is old and ugly, but faithful, or
young and pretty, but possibly unfaithful. How would you approach this kind of difficult
decision? Write an essay of at least 300 words that discusses your approach to decisionmaking. Use examples from your own life, as well as the excerpt, to support your ideas.
Prompt 3:
Do you believe that women really want “mastery” or “sovereignty” in a relationship? Do
relationships where one person has more power than the other work? In an essay of at
least 300 words, explain your thoughts on “sovereignty” in a relationship. Use your own
observations as well as quotes from the excerpt to connect your ideas.