Greek Mythology Essay

Greek Mythology Essay
Directions: Choose from one of the writing prompts
below to write a 3 paragraph essay. Each prompt requires
you to use AT LEAST 2 of the sources we have discussed
in class to support your answer. You must provide specific
examples from your myth and one other source.
Prompt A: Describe 3 qualities the Ancient Greeks valued
most in a hero. Use at least 2 sources and give specific
details from you myth to support your answer.
Prompt B: Using at least 2 sources, describe 3 examples
demonstrating the importance of reputation to the Greeks.
Provide details on how the importance of reputation
influenced the events that took place in your myth.
Essay Checkpoint Stamp Chart:
1. Pre-write
2. Handwritten Rough Draft
3. Self-Edit Checklist
4. Rubric handed in with Final Copy
Greek Mythology Essay Rubric
3 Paragraphs (Intro, Body, Closing)
At least 2 sources used
3 examples/qualities described
Specific details/support
Format (Times New Roman/Ariel 12 pt.,
Double spaced, MLA Heading)
Checkpoint Stamps (4)