PROPOSED ROMA Next Generation CSBG Services Data Analysis

PROPOSED ROMA Next Generation CSBG Services Data Analysis
Making Connections, Improving Impact
Community Action Service Domains
Income Management
Disaster Relief
Case Management/Family Development
Emergency and Stabilization
Making Connections, Improving Impact Examples
 Can your system identify the various employment services received by a program participant?
 Can your system connect employment program participants with the services they receive in the
other domain areas?
 Can your system identify whether employment program participants received only employment
services, received services in other domain areas while also receiving employment services, or
received employment services as a part of a “bundled services” approach1?
 Can your system identify employment and non-employment outcomes achieved by those
participating in employment related services?
 Can your system identify the average duration and intensity of services required before
employment is obtained?
 Can your system connect employment program participant characteristics, or demographics,
with services and outcomes?
Emergency and Stabilization:
 The number of individuals achieving stability as evidenced by their ability to meet family basic
 The number of individuals who entered a self-sufficiency program or service as a result of
stability or emergency service provision. (To develop evidence proving TOC assumptions)
NOTE: Disaster Relief is solely about meeting an immediate community-wide emergency. Linkages
are now specific to community level interventions and services.
Bundled service delivery affords the individual an opportunity to establish and meet targets they have set by receiving support
and access to a comprehensive range of services in a strategic manner.
Basic needs refer to housing, utilities/telephone, childcare, food, transportation, health care, clothing and household items,
and taxes (minus federal and state tax credits). This definition is taken from the Basic Economic Security Tables (BEST) Index
developed by Wider Opportunities for Women.