Texas Board of Directors Leadership

TPWA Board of Directors Leadership
Board member responsibilities include preparing, gathering and presenting written/oral reports for each Board
meeting and for each Participant. Each Board member assumes responsibility for submitting written reports for
each committee in the reporting structure to Headquarters one week prior to the Board meeting to insure
inclusion in the Board packet and according to Participant production schedule.
To assist you in evaluating the board positions, the following is a list of the reporting structure for TPWA’s
standing committees and Branch leadership.
o Board members
o Audit Committee
o Chapter Administrator supervision
o Scholarship Committee
o Certification Committee
o Chapter History Committee
o Public Relations Committee
o Research Committee
Vice President:
o Branch Reports
o Education Committee
o Technical Committees
o Annual Conference Committee*
o Short Course Committee*
o TCEQ Liaison
o Big Cities Committee
o Membership Committee
o Participant Committee
o Web site
o Site Selection Committee (Chair)
o Branch treasurers
o TML Booth Committee
o SOP Reviews
Past President: (not available for leadership application)
o Nominating Committee
o Awards Committee
o Headquarters Contract Review Committee
*Please note service on this committee falls to previous calendar year