Name____________________________ 7th Science-

7th Science--First Semester Study Guide
For each experiment below, specify the independent variable, dependent variable, control
group and any constants.
1. A student wanted to test how the mass of a paper airplane affected the distance it would fly. Paper
clips were added before each test flight. As each paper clip was added, the plane was tested to
determine how far it would fly.
Independent variable ___________________________
Dependent variable ____________________________
Control _____________________________
Constant ____________________________
2. Two groups of students were tested to compare their speed working math problems. Each group
was given the same problems. One group used calculators and the other group computed without
Independent variable ___________________________
Dependent variable ____________________________
Control _____________________________
Constant ______________________________
We use different tests to identify a mineral. Match each test with it’s name.
3_______Moh’s Scale
A.Relative heaviness of a mineral
4______Crystalline Structure
B.Color it leaves when scratched
on porcelain
5______Specific Gravity
C.How easily it scratches other
materials or it’s hardness
D. Shape as it grows
E. Breaks along a plane/line
F. Appearance
G. Breaks unevenly or shatters
Plate Tectonics Questions
10. What did Alfred Wegener notice about the outlines of the continents?
11. What was Pangaea?
12. What is continental drift?
13. What is the average distance that continents drifts each year?
14. What did Wegener notice about the fossils on the different continents?
15. What is the driving force for continental drift?
16. What are the three layers of the earth?
17. What is the asthenosphere?
What is each layer composed of?
What is the lithosphere?
18. Is oceanic crust or continental crust denser?
19. Where is new crust formed?
What is each composed of?
Where does old crust go?
20. What are the three kinds of plate boundaries? Sketch each.
21. What is a rift zone?
What is a mid-ocean ridge?