Revised 8-27-2015



When alarm sounds, close classroom windows and doors. 2.

Take your class roster and a pen or pencil with you. 3.

All classes will exit out the back (south) of the building. 4.

After exiting, students will go to the football field where they will find their 7 th period teacher. 5.

Once students have arrived at your designated location, take attendance. 6.

Have students sit down once attendance is completed and report any missing or absent students to the field administrator. 7.

Wait for “all clear signal” to re-enter or wait for further instructions.



Announcement will be made to alert faculty and students that a tornado drill will begin. 2.

Classes will move to their assigned areas after hearing directions broadcast over the public address system. Do not move until then. 3.

Students are to be seated as soon as possible. The crouch position, back facing the wall (hands interlocked over the head, elbows to knees) will be 4.

taken ONLY on directions from an area supervisor. Students will return to class on directions from the PA system or area supervisors .



The following announcement will be made “Teachers we have a lock down, please secure your classroom and follow procedures for lock down at this time.”  Clear halls of all students. The teacher closest to the restroom should clear the restroom of all students.  Close and lock classroom doors from the inside.

 Keep students away from windows and doors. Students sit on the floor against the wall out of sight of the door and window.  Make sure all lights are off.  Inform students that a “lock down” is underway 3.

No one enters the class/area except law enforcement or school personnel. They will 4.

have keys to enter your room. Do not open the door for them. DO NOT UNLOCK OR OPEN YOUR DOOR under any circumstances (even if an announcement is made). Only a crisis team member or a law enforcement officer may do so. 5.

At the conclusion of the lock down, a crisis team member or a law enforcement officer will come to unlock your door and give further instructions.

NO cell phone use by students during lockdown!

Teachers and students NOT in a secured classroom.

Move students to the following locations and continue with Lock Down procedures;  Game gym - take students to the locker rooms  Auxiliary gym – take students to the locker rooms    Cafeteria—Students will enter the kitchen area and door will be closed behind them Art C400- take students to C401 Library – take students to B108








During a lock down, if an evacuation is necessary, a law enforcement official will come to your classroom and initiate the evacuation. Follow the evacuation route established by the police at the time of the crisis. Take your grade book or class roster. When you arrive at the post-evacuation assembly point, keep your class together and take role. Further instructions will be given as soon as possible. Wait; reassure students. REMEMBER that police officials may be dealing with a very volatile situation and may have to ask questions or, in some cases, double-check to ensure that no perpetrator is within your group masquerading as a student/teacher in an effort to escape. Departure from the school site may be necessary. Please follow any directions given to you during this event. DO NOT DISMISS ANY STUDENTS UNTIL THE OFFICIAL WORD IS GIVEN TO DO SO.