Toilet Bowl

Directions: You will follow the three steps included in your notes as well as summarized below, in order to
create a feature-benefit chart for a toilet bowl. You will type all answers in a Word document. You will also
create your feature-benefit chart in the same document. Before you begin, you will need to choose a specific
toilet bowl. To do this you need to visit a hardware store website such as Lowes Home Improvement, Home
Depot, etc. Find your toilet and title your document your full toilet bowl name. Then follow the steps below.
Step One: Find your product’s features.
 Construction and materials:
 What is the material?
 Who makes it?
 How is it made?
 Appearance and style
 What color(s) is/are available?
 Design elements.
 Unique or novel features
 Desirable features that your competitor may not have
 Durability
 How long a product will last?
 Product uses
 What will the product do and how can it be used?
 Service and warranty
 Warranty information.
Step Two: Know where to get facts about product features. Use your notes to list each method of gathering
facts about your product that you could use. Be descriptive where necessary.
Ex. If you say “Customer Testimonials”, explain where you would find these.
Step Three: Create a feature-benefit chart.
 Insert a table in order to create your chart. Follow the rules below.
 List all the product’s features, beginning with the ones that a customer or client will see
 List the less-obvious or hidden features too.
 For each feature that you identified, ask, “what does this mean for the customer?” to
develop the benefits.
 Write each benefit beside its feature.
 Keep in mind - a feature can provide more than one benefit.