When you're in a clog, you don't always have to plunge yourself
So imagine this, you come home one night and the toilet is your best friend. The next
day, you wake up with a monster of a cold and literally blow your nose through an
entire box of Kleenex..or two. Next thing you know, you are facing a minor or even a
major dilemma of the oh-so detrimental clogged toilet. Most of the time, your first
instinct is to reach for the plunger and plunge it out. Yes, that's great, but what if you
don't have a plunger and you just really need to go (cause when you gotta go, you gotta
go). Well, without a plunger, your next step down the path to your toilet is calling a
plunger, particularly Jim Bennett Plumbing because you know we are always more than
willing and eager to help you when you are just so backed up (yes, we mean backed up
in that sense). If you just can't wait until Jim arrives or want to fix your problem
temporarily until we get there, here are two unique methods for you to try.
1. The good ole' bucket of hot water and your bowl with dish soap: First, you guessed it,
fill up a bucket with hot water. Next, squirt dish soap into the toilet bowl (surprise).
Next, pour the hot water into the toilet bowl to dissolve the soap. The soap should begin
to unclog the drain by enabling the clogger to start to slither its way through the pipes.
When the water in the bowl finally goes down, you are good to go. Make sure to flush
flush flush that toilet to remove any remaining residue (but only after you are 100% sure
the clog is gone).
2. Get down n' dirty in the bowl, literally. Throw on those rubber gloves you always
dread having to put on, stick those hands into the bowl, and remove as much water
from the toilet bowl as you can. Next, fill up a large plastic bottle with warm water,
cover the top with your thumb, and then fit the top of the bottle into the outlet at the
bottom of the toilet. Remove your thumb and hold the bottle tightly with both hands
and then squeeze the bottle so the water shoots into the drain. The pressure should
break up the clog. Here's a tip: wear some goggles and a mask because, well, the water
might splash you in the face and give you a nice little bath of urine. Next, pour some hot
water into the bowl and if you want to be sure the clog has cleared, your cue is if the
water level goes down after the hot water. Your final step is to pour three quarts of
boiled water into the toilet bowl to clean out the remaining residue. Let the water sit for
15-20 minutes until it cools down. Now, feel free to flush away.
Try these two steps if you feel like you can, if not, Jim Bennett, as you know, is only a
phone call away at 850-878-3178