PERSONAL STATEMENT My interest in Pharmaceutical Sciences

My interest in Pharmaceutical Sciences stems from one pill: Alka Sletzer Plus,
more specifically, what’s in it. Through unintentional experimentation, I found out that
I have a violent allergic reaction to NSAIDs: Advil, Motrin, and unknowingly, Alka
Seltzer which put me into a hospital vomiting and with chest pain. I can surprisingly
take Tylenol without adverse effects, but not NSAID drugs and for years wondered why.
In my organic chemistry class, my professor incorporated pharmacology case studies
into our class topics and one day discussed aspirin’s adverse effects on the body. This
lecture catalyzed my desire to learn more about the components of macromolecules and
their interactions with one another through studying biochemistry. Now I want to
expand my knowledge and learn about how pharmaceutical drugs and macromolecules
interact which I believe this degree will give me the opportunity to study.
I am interested in pharmacology related to neurology and how drugs interact
with the brain, particularly ones prescribed to people with neurological conditions. In
grade school, I found out that my twin sister had autism. My sister amazes me with her
capabilities despite the diagnosis and as I grew older, I have come to develop a passion
for exploring autism on a molecular level. Working on a clinical research project with
bioinformatics researcher Dr. Jake Chen made me realize that, in the future, I want to
actively research drug-protein interactions through the use of computer programming.
Studying biochemistry in college encouraged me to pursue a graduate degree in
pharmaceutical sciences. Although my academics are an area in which I can show
improvement, I am working to improve my problem-solving skills and am growing from
my experiences. I believe that the knowledge that I gained through summer internships
will make me an asset to the master program particularly when doing research. My
personal and academic background gives me a unique perspective on the current issues
related to pharmacology which I would actively share during class discussions. Through
this degree, I hope to learn more on pharmacology and in the future use what I learn in
my clinical research.
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