Office of Research & Environmental Safety
P.O. Box 3999
Atlanta, GA 30303-3999
Emergency Response Guide
Revised 6/23/2014
Office of Research & Environmental Safety
P.O. Box 3999
Atlanta, GA 30303-3999
Recommended Guidelines:
In the event of an Incidental Spill, everyone in the lab should be able to take the appropriate
steps should an emergency occur:
 Notify everyone in the lab of the emergency, the Principal Investigator, Environmental
Programs, and RES (404)413-3551
 Eliminate all burners/flames and ignition sources if a flammable liquid is involved
 Familiarize yourself with the SDS's prior to using the chemicals - if that is neglected, then
immediately after the accident, but prior to taking action
 Know the location of your spill kit and use it to clean up the spill and prevent the spill from
going into a drain, wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
 Collect the debris from the cleanup, put it in a plastic bag or compatible container, label it
with a hazardous waste label, and place it in a hood
In the event of a Lab Injury (burn, cut, or eye injury):
 Flush with large quantity of cold water; if something gets in the eye, immediately flush the
eye with water (hold eyelids open) for about 15 minutes
 Ask someone to inform the Lab Coordinator / Instructor or Lab TA
 He/she will immediately attend to the injury using the first aid kit in the lab, and/or have
someone accompany the injured person to the GSU Health Services Clinic in 141 Piedmont
Ave, Suite D; Main Phone Number: (404)413-1930
 Report the incident to the department head and the GSU Department of Safety and Risk
Management at (404)413-9549
Important Contacts:
 GSU Police: 404-413-3333 or 3-3333 from any campus phone
 Research and Environmental Safety Hotline: 404-413-3540
 GSU Safety and Risk Management: 404-413-9549
 GSU Office of Emergency Response: 404-413-3637
 Michael Thompson, Assistant Director, Research Safety Programs
Office: 404-413-3551 Cell: 404-886-4289
 Richard Muller, Sr. Biosafety Officer, Assistant Director, Research Safety Programs
Office: 404-413-3510 Cell: 770-598-8579
 Jamar Simmons, Chemical Safety Specialist
Office: 404-413-3535 Cell: 404-391-7926
 Quintena Tinson, Radiation Safety Specialist
Office: 404-413-3568 Cell: 404-391-1018
Revised 6/23/2014