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Prof. Dr. Candeğer Yilmaz
# of Students
Bornova, İzmir, Turkey
Population of City 4,005,459
# of Faculty
Faculty of Agriculture
• Agricultural Economics
• Agricultural Equipment
• Agriculture
• Animal Husbandry
• Dairy
• Horticulture
• Irrigation
• Landscape Architecture
• Plant & Crop Protection
• Soil Science
Faculty of Communication
• Advertising & Publicity
• Cinema & Television
• Communication Studies
• Journalism
• Public Relations
• Radio & Television Broadcasting
Faculty of Fishery
• Aquaculture
• Fishery
Faculty of Education
• Computer Education
• Education
• Educational Sciences
• Educational Technology
• Primary Education
Faculty of Dentistry
• Dentistry
• Oral Pathology
• Orthodontics
• Periodontics
Faculty of Pharmacy
• Pharmacology
• Pharmacy
Faculty of Science
• Astronomy & Space Science
• Biochemistry
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Mathematics
• Physics
• Statistics
Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences
• Business Administration
• Economics
• International Relations
Faculty of Engineering
• Bioengineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Electrical & Electronic Engineering
• Food Technology
• Mechanical Engineering
• Textile Technology
Faculty of Letters
• American Studies
• Ancient Civilizations
• Ancient Languages
• Archaeology
• Art History
• English
• Geography
• German
• History
• Sociology
• Translation & Interpretation
• Turkish
Faculty of Medicine
• Medicine & Surgery
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Not Available
Partner Contacts:
Dr. Süleyman Dogan
Dean, Educational Sciences
College of Education
90 232 343 4000
GSU Information
Length of GSU Relationship Length of GSU Relationship
Current Agreements:
• GSU College of Education - Letter of Intent (2016-2021)
• GSU Program Director: Ahu Kostak-Bulat
• Partner Contact: Not Available
• GSU College of Education, College Level- Memorandum of Cooperation (2012-2017)
• GSU Program Director: Dr. Randy W. Kamphaus
• Partner Contact: Süleyman Dogan
Prior Agreements:
• GSU College of Education, College Level- Student Exchange Program (2006-2011)
• GSU Program Director: Dr. John Kesner
• Partner Contact: Süleyman Dogan
• GSU College of Education, College Level- Program Specific Agreement (2012-2015)
• GSU Program Director: Dr. Stephen W. Harmon
• Partner Contact: Süleyman Dogan
Current GSU Engagements:
Not Available
Prior GSU Engagements:
April 26-29, 2016 - 3rd. International Conference on New Trends in Education
Ege University, Georgia State University, and Bahcesehir University organized the "New Trends in
Education" Conference in April in Izmir, Turkey.
The Third International Conference on New Trends in Education with a theme new learning
environments & technologies aims to provide a platform for educators, researchers, leaders and
visionaries from schools, universities, businesses, industries and other private and public agencies to
share and discuss their innovative experiences, practices, and research initiatives and outcomes in new
learning environments & technologies. With the help of this conference, the practical aspects of
theoretical perspectives and the right connections of new learning environments & technologies with
every aspect of modern society will be discussed and eventually lead to invaluable contributions to the
May 29, 2015
Ahu Kostak-Bulat, International Programs Manager visited Ege University, College of Education, Izmir
and met with:
• Prof Dr. Suleyman Dogan, Dean, College of Education
• Associate Prof (Ms) Derya Şahin, Early Childhood Education, Mevlana Program Coordinator
• Assistant Prof (Mr) Firat Sarsar, instructional technology and E-Learning (GSU Alum)
May 2015
In Istanbul, Dr. Peggy Gallagher (COEHD) met with:
• Prof. Dr. (Ms) Hulya Yilmaz, Director of Ege University Child Education Center, Izmir
• Dr. (Ms) Dilek Erbas, Head of College of Education, Marmara University, Istanbul
• Assistant Dr. (Ms) Sinem Vatanartiran, Director of Graduate School of Educational Sciences, Bahcesehir
University, Istanbul
1. Associate Dr. (Ms) Filiz Polat, College of Education, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul
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