The New Jersey Coast Section, IEEE

Annual report - New Jersey Coast Section, IEEE
1. For the year 2012 we had altogether 25 talks held by the following chapters / affinity groups.
Some of these were co-sponsored between these chapters / affinity groups.
 Antenna Propagation/Vehicular Technology/Electro Magnetic Compatibility chapter (4)
 Aerospace and Electronic systems / Engineering Management chapter (5)
 Circuits and Systems Signal Processing chapter (2)
 Communication society chapter (6)
 Computer and Communications joint chapter (3)
 Computer and Instrumentation Chapter (3)
 Consultant Network Chapter (4)
 Microwave Theory & Techniques / Electron devices / Laser & Electro optics chapter(4)
In addition the following professional activities team also contributed additional talks:
 Women In Engineering (6)
 PACE (Professional Activities Committees for Engineers) (2)
 GOLD (Graduates Of Last Decade) (1)
Major events
i. Telstar satellite – milestone event commemorating 50th anniversary of launch
(part of annual awards night). Several engineers, who worked on the original
Telstar team, were invited and honored.
ii. IEEE NJ coast provided the wireless track for the 2012 IEEE Smart Tech Metro
Area Workshop organized by METSAC in White Plains, NY on Oct 19 and Oct
20. This track was very well received with a very strong positive feed back from
audience (including Prof. Howard Michel, MGA VP).
We do not have an active student chapter since institutions in our section area do not offer
courses related to interests of IEEE. However, we are do encourage the MJSS science
competition for high school students, by providing cash prizes for the first, second and third
prize winners (usually presented during our annual awards night).
The 2012 MGA Achievement Award was awarded to our Section member, Filomena Citarella,
who has contributed to both IEEE and the local community over the years.
For the year 2013 about 30 talks are planned more or less on similar lines as above. These
include (different aspects – based on audience interests). Also GOLD is planning student
activities focused on high school student summer projects in microcontrollers and in radio
communications. A new Education Society chapter is planned to be started by the section.
There is strong interest in this area, due to STEM activities supported by WIE, GOLD and
PACE groups. A new Life Member Affinity Group, initiated at the end of 2012, was approved
in Jan 2013 and is now filling its officer roster. The section has over 350 Life Members.
Annual awards / banquet this year plans to celebrate COMSOC 60th and Communications with
two anniversaries (50th: ASCII in 1963 as well as Touchtone in 1963) both of which were
developed by Bell labs in this area.
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