J. Lauletta

John Lauletta, CEO and Chief Technology Officer
- Personal Biography Contact Information:
[email protected]
Phone: 614.880.9320
Mobile: 216.496.1219
John Lauletta has been a leader in electric utility measurement technology since 1975. John’s career
includes ten years with American Electric Power as Measurements Manager, 14 years as VP Scientific
Columbus and since 2006 as CEO/CTO of Exacter, Inc.
John holds engineering degrees from The Ohio State University and Purdue University, is the Past
Chair of the Central Ohio Power and Energy Society Chapter of IEEE, and is a member of the IEEE
Working Group on Distribution Reliability. John holds several patents in predictive failure
Exacter, Inc. is a developer of predictive technologies for electric utility reliability, grid conditionsbased assessment, grid preventive maintenance, and Smart Grid network performance.
Recent Presentations
2014 CARILEC GIS and Engineering Conference, Aruba
2014 International Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference
2013 IEEE, LISAT, Farmingdale State University, NY
2013 IEEE, EnergyTech, Case Western Reserve University,
Cleveland, OH
2013 EEI Transmission, Distribution and Metering Conference,
Chicago, IL
2012 International Conference of Overhead Lines, For Collins, CO
2012 CARILEC Engineering & Operations Conference; Punta Cana,
2012 IEEE International Society on Electric Insulation, San Juan,
Puerto Rico
2012 Transmission Line Asset Management Interest Group; Santa
Monica, CA
2011 Edison Electric Institute Transmission, Distribution and
Metering Conference; Louisville, KY
2011 ESMO International Conference on Transmission and
Distribution Construction, Operation and Live-Line Maintenance;
Providence, RI
IEEE PES Chapter Presentations
Atlanta, GA
Boise, ID
Central Indiana
Chicago, IL
Calgary, BC
Denver, CO
Fort Worth, TX
Long Island, NY
St. Louis, MO
San Diego, CA
Toronto, ON
Twin Cities, MN
7700 Rivers Edge Drive, MS 102, Columbus, OH 43235 • PH: 614/880-9320 • FX: 614/880-9382 • www.exacterinc.com
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