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Part 1. General Information
Assignment Title / Level:
Section, Duty Station:
Supervisor of the Assignment:
Period of the Assignment:
Funding: Releasing Office:
Part 2. Terms of Reference
Emergency Specialist - Prepared./Response – NOC/P3
Emergency, LACRO, Panama City
Reg. Emergency Advisor, P5
15 July to 15September 2015 (3 months) – Deadline 12 July 2015
50% DSA
Emergency Specialist - Prepared./Response – NOC/P3
Latin America and the Caribbean is one of the most vulnerable regions of the world to a diversity of
hazards which have in part been intensified by climate change: hurricanes in Central America and the
Caribbean; torrential rains and flash flooding across the continent; prolonged droughts in Central America
and the Gran Chaco region of South America; cold waves in the mountainous regions; large scale fires in
South America; and volcanic activity and earthquakes along the Pacific coast and in the Caribbean. These
disasters result in widespread losses, humanitarian need and forced displacements, and they expose
children to increased risk of exploitation and abuse.
This stretch assignment is required to fill a vacant post pending the finalization of the regular selection
process. Applications from COs and HQ are welcome.
Under the supervision of LACRO Regional Emergency Advisor (REA) or as Emergency Unit OIC, the
Emergency Specialist will be accountable for supporting the Emergency / Humanitarian Action Unit in
preparedness and response to emergencies related issues, both at regional level in coordination with RO
colleagues and REDLAC partners, and at national level in support to UNICEF COs, ensuring at the same
time his support to the REA and the Emergency Unit team in DRR and Resilience building actions and for
any other tasks assigned to him/her by the REA.
Main responsibility and tasks
The specific objectives of the assignment are:
Ensure an active contribution to LACRO Emergency Unit for the support to COs in defining
and ensuring their minimum preparedness actions for response to L2 and L3 emergencies,
focusing on the UNICEF led / co-led sectors, in line with the CCCs in HA. This may include: ad
hoc missions, training to COs (both at regional and country level), webinars, simulations, etc.
Assist REA or take on role as OIC in supporting COs in their emergency response. This may
include: support from RO in needs assessment, response planning and inter-agency
coordination, also through ad hoc missions; supplies mobilization (in coordination with
Supply Division); identification of human resources in cooperation with HR / DHR (RRR);
review and quality control to resource mobilization proposals (CERF, EPF, etc.), etc.
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Support REA or take on role as OIC to provide feed-back/review of country offices’ emergency
situations reports; support REA to maintain relationship with EMOPS (Office of Emergency
Programs) in New York and Geneva and maintain internal communication flowing.
Support REA or take on role as OIC to ensure follow-up to DFID 2 programme based on
strengthening preparedness in Central America (4 COs) and Caribbean regions in close
coordination with WFP, OCHA and UNHCR: planning, implementation, TA, reporting and
relationship with HQ.
Support REA and Emergency team or take on role as OIC for an active participation to REDLAC
as a regional interagency coordination platform, particularly in preparedness and response
related activities, ensuring the contribution to its work plan and actions, both at regional and
country level.
Support REA and LACRO Emergency Unit in any other assigned task, such as:
Facilitating the integration of DRR/Resilience in CO’s Programming and DRR / Resilience
strategy development, including the support to implement trainings for Country Offices and
partners on DRR and resilience building (at regional and country level).
Support LACRO Emergency Unit in Information Management activities in coordination with
partners, both at regional and country level.
Support LACRO Emergency Unit in Knowledge Management activities and south-south /
horizontal cooperation, both at regional and country level.
Respond to requests from NYHQ towards the LAC Emergency Team in a timely fashion as
Minimum qualifications and competencies
M.A in international affairs, relations, human rights, economics, business, political science or
related fields.
Work Experience
• At least 5 years of experience in humanitarian action in international context.
• Familiarity and experience with UNICEF internal procedures in emergency contexts,
preparedness and response is an asset.
• Good understanding of the humanitarian action and development context in Latin America
and the Caribbean region.
• Knowledge of humanitarian action agenda within the framework of the humanitarian reform
and Transformative Agenda.
• Familiarity with regional humanitarian action interagency mechanisms.
• Capacity to work with multidiscipline groups and good capacity for coordination, analysis and
• Able to work independently and in constant communication with the emergency team and
emergency focal points in the region.
Language Proficiency
• Spanish and English fluency mandatory. Fluency in French is an asset.
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Functional Competencies (Required)
Core Values
 Commitment
 Diversity and Inclusion
 Integrity
Core Competencies
 Communication
 Working with People
 Drive for Results
Functional Competencies
 Leading and Supervising
 Analysing
 Deciding and Initiating Action
 Persuading and Influencing
 Applying Technical Expertise
 Planning and Organizing
 Adapting and Responding to Change
 Coping with Pressure and Setbacks
Duration of the Stretch Assignment
The duration of the assignment comprise of 3 months. The staff will be based on UNICEF LAC Regional
Office in Panama City. Through this Stretch Assignment, the staff member can gain knowledge and handson experience at RO level. After this assignment, the staff member is expected to apply such experience
and knowledge acquired in LACRO to facilitate his/her work in the country office (as well as to provide
support to other COs in the region).
Part 3. Cost Estimate
Terminal Expenses:
DSA at 50%:
Depending on duty station Max. USD 1,500
USD 152.00
USD 117.00 * 60 days = USD 7,020.00
USD 8,672.00 Approx.
Remarks: None.
Part 4. Nomination of staff members
For this stretch assignment, the UNICEF Office in _____________________ nominates
(name, title and grade of nominee)
who can be released by ________________________ until __________________
Staff member
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