Policy for Teacher Parent Communications

Policy for Teacher Parent
1. If a staff member needs to discuss issues regarding a student. Then the issue is not to
be directed at the student but a phone call is to be made to the parent of the student
and an appropriate time to discuss the matter.
2. If a parent has an issue with teaching and learning and wishes to discuss this matter
with the teacher. The teacher may be approached before or after the school day where
an appointment can be made with the teacher for another time to discuss the matter.
3. A teacher is available for discussion via appointment at a time convenient to both
4. Teachers have the right to teach in an atmosphere of order and cooperation. Free of
disruption from parents and guardians.
5. If a teacher or parent has any questions about School Council decisions. These
questions must be directed to the Executive Officer of the School Council (Principal)
at an appropriate time.
6. Parents have the right to feel welcomed at Gowrie Street Primary School and the
right to participate in their child’s learning.
7. Communication in regards to students should occur directly between the teacher and
parent. This may include phone calls, notes or communication books to keep both
parties updated.
8. If parents or staff feel as though they cannot approach conversations with the other
party, then the Principal is happy to be approached in regards to the issue, or a 3rd
party is to be used as a mediator.
9. Teachers should allow appropriate time before and after class for parents to discuss
simple day to day issues. It is not appropriate for parents to contact any staff member
at home regarding any matters.
10. If allocated parent /teacher interview sessions do not cover all matters and further
discussion is needed, a future appointment can be made.
11. All teachers and students have the right to feel safe and secure in the school