Roaring Twenties Webquest

Historical Context: Following the end of World War I, America became a nation of great prosperity.

Americans celebrated the end of the war with a new outlook on life as new pastimes emerged, and new heroes were created. Young people would escape to speakeasies in their new automobiles and would dance to the latest jazz music. However in this age of prosperity, groups of Americans were alienated and even persecuted. The growing intolerance for immigrants led to one of the largest trials of the decade. The decade of the 1920s is characterized as a debate between change and normalcy.

Your Task:

Place all of your answers for the questions in the space provided below. Please use the

links provided to answer the following:

Area 1: Leisure Time, Fads, and Literature

1. What is a flapper? Describe how they would look and act. What did they do for fun?

2. Name two famous aviators in this time period. (Hint: one was a woman) What were they known for?

3. Name two sports heroes of the 1920s. What sport did they play?

5. Who wrote The Great Gatsby? What was is one of the themes of the novel?

Area 2: Jazz and Harlem Renaissance

1. Who was Louis Armstrong? What was his nickname?

2. What is the Harlem Renaissance?

3. Describe the artwork by Romare Bearden. (Scroll to the bottom) What do you notice about the people, their actions, the colors etc.?

4. Who was Langston Hughes?

Area 3: Prohibition

1. What amendment began Prohibition?

2. According to the political cartoon, why would the government want to prohibit saloons and alcohol?

List 2 reasons. (hint, look at the tentacles)

3. Who was Al Capone?

4. What amendment brought the end to Prohibition? When was it ratified?

Area 4: A Growing Intolerance

1. What were the Palmer raids? Who were they targeting?

2. What were Sacco & Vanzetti on trial for? Did they have a fair trial? Why or why not?

3. How did the United States try to limit the number of immigrants coming into the country? List at least 2 ways.

4. The Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s was known for their intolerance of many groups of people. Name at least 2 groups and explain their opposition to those groups.