Senior Legal Adviser (permanent)

Senior Legal Advisor
The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) is recruiting for a qualified lawyer to join us
in providing a high-quality free legal advice service to the residential leasehold and
park home sectors.
This senior post delivers professional and management supervision of a team of
advisors and will have a strategic role in the management team. Delivering training
in-house and externally is also a core part of the role.
LEASE responds to over 40,000 enquiries annually and we are looking for someone
to lead a team of advisors who on a daily basis explain often complex legal issues in
clear, simple language and across a range of media to all LEASE customers.
For an informal discussion contact Anthony Essien on 020 7832 2504
Job Description
Job purpose
1. To supervise and manage a team of advisors.
2. To provide legal and other advice to customers of LEASE on any aspect of
residential leasehold tenure in England and Wales; or park homes legislation in
England; and to provide advice and assistance to the chief executive and to
3. To play a key role in the improvement, development and implementation of
changes at LEASE, including developing and delivering its commercial activities.
Principal tasks
1. A key member of the management team, developing and delivering LEASE’s
strategic plans.
2. Supervision of legal advisors in the general operation of advisory services; annual
and semi-annual appraisals of team members, application of management
procedures and organisational policy.
3. Play a leading role in the design and delivery of commercial training services.
4. Respond to requests for advice by telephone, correspondence (including online)
and personal visits to the office.
5. Provide advice in seminars with groups of customers, in the office or in site-visits.
6. Carry out reading and research into law and practice to maintain a sufficient level
of knowledge to provide appropriate supervision of advisors and to deliver an
efficient advisory role; research into special areas as required.
7. Draft reports, including responses and submissions to government.
8. Draft input to new or revised advisory materials.
9. Attend meetings, seminars, courses and conferences as required, including
liaison with government officials, ministers, MPs etc.
10. Provide advice and assistance to the chief executive as required.
11. Comply with LEASE's Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities Policies.
Reports to Chief Executive
Core competencies for Senior Advisor
LEASE's key role is to inform and empower our customers, and the following
competencies are fundamental for the role in order that LEASE achieves that goal
A. Direction
1. Strategic awareness – Anticipating challenges and opportunities in LEASE’s
external environment and adding and developing strategies to address them in
the future
2. Changing and improving – Embracing change, generating and stimulating new
ideas and implementing them across the team and LEASE
3. Decision making – To get the best result
4. Solution focused, a problem solver
5. Deliver value for money
B. Engagement
1. Leadership
Professional, inspiring and empowering the team and individuals to achieve goals
2. Building capacity
Developing self and others
3. Communication
Understanding others and being understood
C. Delivering
1. Achieving objectives
Commitment to deliver results personally and through others
2. Working effectively
With colleagues and others
Legal skills
The ideal candidate will be a lawyer with people management experience
Read and interpret complex information, including legal sources
o Interpret information from different sources.
o Select relevant material
Apply knowledge acquired by study and experience to meet the aims of LEASE
Maintain continuous professional development
Consider all aspects of a situation, weighing up different options to arrive at
appropriate advice
Be able to support and advise advisors in the relevant law and maintaining the
quality of their service delivery
Attend internal/external events to enhance knowledge of area of work
Business development and/or marketing skills would also be an asset
Deadline for applications: 29 April 2015
Salary: £40,000-43,500 depending on qualifications and experience
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