Printable Application

Vashon Artists in Schools
Project Application 2015 - 2016
Application Deadline: Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Submission Instructions: For hardcopy submissions, please
deliver to the VAIS mailbox at Chautauqua Elementary School by
the end of the day. You may also submit online via the online
application or email a digital copy of the application to the Program Manager, Holly
Please direct questions to Holly Houston, Program Manager, Vashon Artists in Schools,
email:, mobile: 773-220-1660.
How VAIS works:
Vashon Artists in Schools pairs artists with teachers for classroom residency projects! The
mission of VAIS is to build upon and enhance curriculum in the arts through
multidisciplinary learning opportunities. VAIS is open to all teachers, K -12.
I. Choose an artist teaching partner from the Artist Roster.
( If you need
assistance, contact the program manager for ideas!
II. Work with the artist partner to establish a timeframe, budget, and project scope.
Again, please ask for help along the way!
III. Submit the application by the deadline (November 11, 2015) to the VAIS box at
Chautauqua, online, or via email:
IV. A funding committee made up of VISD administration and VAA staff will meet in
early December to award projects. Project award letters will be sent via email to
teachers and artists in early December.
Type of Project (Please circle one): Classroom-based Artist Residency, Public Art, or
Teacher Mentorship
Teacher(s): ___________________________________________________________________________________
Email & Phone: ______________________________________________________________________________
Artist(s): ______________________________________________________________________________________
Email & Phone: ______________________________________________________________________________
Project Title: _________________________________________________________________________________
Grade Level and/or Subject: _______________________________________________________________
Anticipated Number of Students Served: __________________________________________________
Arts Discipline/Medium: ___________________________________________________________________
Principal’s Signature: _______________________________________________________________________
Comments: __________________________________________________________________________________
Please fill out the budget below.
Artist(s) Fee- The program pays artists $50 - $60 per hour for classroom contact time.
Projects must be at least 5 hours and may be up to 40 hours. Determine the number of
contact hours necessary to complete the project. Additionally, artists will be paid for 1
planning hour per 10 contact hours, for meeting time between artist and teacher(s).
Planning Hours: _____________
Classroom Contact Hours: ___________
Materials: There is a standard maximum of $3.50 per student for materials. After
discussing with your artist(s), please list materials and cost.
Supplemental: Some projects may benefit from additional support. After a project has
been awarded funds, requests for additional funding cannot be considered. Please include
your requested amount for supplemental funding here and explain the need:
Resources: What other resources, materials, or volunteers will you bring to the project, if
any? Please quantify other resources in volume, dollar value, number of hours, ect.
Please submit a project narrative addressing the following questions. The project narrative
should concise and informative.
1. Project Description: What do you want to do?
2. Project Schedule: When do you want to do it?
Residencies typically begin after January 1 and end by June. Projects are from 5- 40 hours
per classroom group. Be as specific as possible at this time. Awarded projects will have a
chance to resubmit a project schedule.
3. Learning Goals, Arts Learning Standards, and Curriculum Framework
Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirement (EALR) in the Arts #2
The student uses the artistic process of creating, performing/presenting and responding to
demonstrate thinking skills in the visual arts, music, theatre, dance.
Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirement (EALR) in the Arts #4
The student makes connections within and across the arts to other disciplines, life, cultures
and work.
VAIS classroom projects must do one or more of the following:
• Address EALRs and Curriculum Frameworks through arts integration.
• Enhance or build new arts curriculum
• Design arts lessons and assessments that reflect Arts EALR #2
• Foster creative collaborations among teachers
 Align with National Standards for Arts Education, Common Core State Standards,
and Habits of Mind
a) What will students understand (broad and deep concepts) as a result of this experience?
What will students do to attain this understanding? What will students know as a result of
this experience? Explain the specific EALRs that will be addressed.
b) List key vocabulary:
c) List target skills:
4. Sharing: How will you share the residency process or results with families and
community? Examples include an exhibit, photo display, newspaper article, web site,
culminating event, presentation. For additional assistance, please just ask.
5. Assessment and Evaluation Strategy:
Describe methods and plan for assessment of student learning and methods of reflection.
Refer to your project goals. How will you measure and document project goals being
achieved? How will assessment materials be collected with whom will they be shared?
Thank you for taking the time and effort to plan a VAIS classroom project!