Hamlet Blog Assignment

Hamlet Blog Assignment
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Grade 12 English
For every class used to study Hamlet, you will be responsible for writing a blog that
responds to the themes, language, characters or plot of the play.
Your entries do not need to be formally written, but need to make connections with
your own lives, experiences and imaginative ideas.
Hamlet's famous soliloquy To be or not to be... may inspire you to write your own
poem about what it means to be in this world. Ophelia's madness may lead you to
consider how the mentally ill are not always cared for in today's society or write a
journal entry in the role of Ophelia. You can be creative, cerebral, ascerbic, morbid,
or nostalgic...the point is to connect with the play in order to better understand an
important piece of literature.
Using these 4 reading comprehension strategies will lead to a rich interaction with
the text:
What do you see in your mind's eye as your read?
Make connections to your experiences and background knowledge.
Ask literal and inferential questions of the text.
Predict and make hypotheses about what is happening in the text.
You will be graded on:
Quality of Ideas:
Ideas and commentary are relevant, focused and inspired by well-chosen sections of
the play.
4 Strategies:
Explicit use of the strategies and summary of each strategy used in blog posting.
Effective use of images, headings; a good degree of accuracy in grammar and
sentence construction.
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