Julia Hellman 810360106 In this article, we learned several

Julia Hellman
In this article, we learned several important concepts of incorporating
learning with technology. Some of the main arguments of the reading were how we
need to relate learning to real life so it is authentic. “In order for students to learn
meaningfully, they must be willfully engaged in a meaningful task.” This quote by
Jonassen really exemplifies the article because students, or any type of learner, must
engage in the task to fully learn and appreciate the task.
Also, the article heavily discussed the five Characteristics of Meaningful
Learning: Active (Manipulative/ Observant), Intentional (Goal-directed/
Regulatory), Authentic (Complex/ Contextual), Constructive (Articulative/
Reflective), and Cooperative (Collaborative/ Conversational). I agree that these are
all characteristics of significant learning. Without these skills, one would not
personally learn and thus, would be stuck on the same concepts as earlier.
Personally, I am a very visual learner so being able to be active while learning really
enhances the output. The article said, “Meaningful learning requires learners who
are active—actively engaged by a meaningful task in which they manipulate objects
and parameters of the environment they are working in and observing the results of
their manipulations.” I strongly agree with this excerpt because being engaged while
working on a task is vital – without it, you might just be wasting your time trying to
learn something.
Overall, this reading changed my opinion of learning in a positive manner. Do
not get me wrong, technology is great and we would not be where we are in the
world without it; however, I have never been too keen on having little kids spend a
majority of their time with technology. I think that if little kids are always with an
iPad and Tablet, or iPhone that they lose important soft skills. Instead of playing
outside with friends, they might be inside playing games on their iPad by
themselves. However, this article did open my eyes to other uses of technology for
younger kids and learners. With the incorporation of technology, there is more of an
independent element to learning that I had not thought of before. For example, we
watched a short video in class about Active Learning. In the video, a classroom of
young kids was creating a magazine. However, the interesting thing was that it was
entirely on his or her own. This would not have been possible without the use of
technology. The magazine project is a great example of how kids and learners in
general can continue developing independently without constant support and
supervision from an instructor. With technology, the kids were able to edit each
other’s articles, scan in the pictures that they drew, and even format and create the
actual magazine layout. I find this very insightful and super unique that students
have this opportunity – and it would not be possible without the incorporation of
technology with meaningful learning.