Property Insurance Summit I Consolidated Outline

Property Insurance Summit I
9am – 10am
Analysis of RMS Model 11 and the Impact on Property
Insurance Markets
Matthew Nielsen—Senior Product Manager
Risk Management Solutions
-Introduction to RMS and Cat Modeling
-The US Hurricane Model Version 11
-Inland Filling
-Roughness Model
-Landfall Frequency
-Net Changes in Hazard
-Vulnerability Changes
-Changes in Losses
-Storm Surge
10am – 11am
Impact of Catastrophe Losses and Models on
Reinsurance Markets
Neal Reeves—Managing Director
Aon Benfield, Inc.
11am – 12pm
Reinsurer performance in 2011
Update on recent catastrophe activity
Recent reinsurance renewal activity
Potential impact of model version change
Impact of Catastrophe Losses, Models and Reinsurance on ASI and
Property Insurance Markets
John F. Auer, CPCU—President & CEO
American Strategic Insurance
RMS released a significant update to its U.S. hurricane model, RiskLink,
bringing material changes in hurricane risk estimates to many insurers.
AIR Worldwide, a competing modeling firm, also issued substantial
changes in 2010. The discussion will center around the impact recent
model changes have made on the following:
Reinsurance rates and purchasing decision
Portfolio management strategies
Primary rates and underwriting guidelines
Changes to specific model components will also be discussed, and in
particular, those that had the largest impact on ASI's portfolio.
Inland filing rates
Secondary modifiers
Year built segmentation