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Free Response Questions:
Immaculate answers will earn no points; proceed with caution.
While flying from San Francisco to New York with a velocity of 180.0 m/s East,
a 757 airliner experiences cross-wind blowing from the Canadian Rockies with
velocity of 35.0 m/s South. Determine plane’s velocity vector as a result of this
cross-wind. (10 pts)
A fisherman is trying to cross a river, which is flowing West. The river currents
have speed of 18.0 m/s. Fisherman’s boat has a top speed of 42.0 m/s. If
fisherman travels South crossing the river with boat’s top speed, in which
direction will he be traveling and what will be his speed? (10 pts)
Add the following displacement vectors by using trig function laws (Sine and
Cosine) and express the resultant vector DR in unit vector notation. (Angles are
measured from positive x-axis) (25 pts)
D1 = 27.0 m @ 300
D2 = 9.00 m @ 1500
Add the following velocity vectors by using components methods and express
the resultant vector VR in standard notation (polar). (Angles are measured from
positive x-axis) (25 pts)
V1 = 110 m/s @ 200
V2 = 75 m/s @ 750
V3 = 50 m/s @ 1250