Physics Semester Test Review

Physics Semester Test Review
Basic Science Knowledge
• Scientific method
• Analyzing data
• Showing data
• Lab type questions
Newton’s Laws
• Answer questions about situations dealing with
Newton’s three laws.
• Calculations using Newton’s 2nd law
• Inertia (what does it mean? What is it dependent on?
Identifying which object has the most inertia)
• Solving for force, mass, and acceleration
• solving for force types such as tension and weight
• Free body diagrams
Velocity and acceleration
• Solving for velocities, displacement, time,
• Motion diagrams
• P-t and v-t graphs (analyzing, calculating)
• Free fall problems
• How horizontal velocity affects vertical velocity- or
DOESN’T affect it
Vector Addition
• Adding vectors at right angles
• Defining vector quantities.
• Identifying parts of vectors (example, length of the
line represents what?)
• Determining resultant vectors from vector quantities
at right angles.
• Determining resultant vectors due to perception
(example, how fast people perceive other people
moving due to the situation at hand)
Projectile Motion
• Define projectile and trajectory
• Solving for quantities dealing with projectiles- like
final vertical velocity, acceleration, time, etc.
• Diagramming the vertical and horizontal velocities
Circular Motion
• Calculate centripetal force, acceleration, and velocity
• Identify the direction of the force, acceleration, and
velocity when an object is traveling in a circle.
• Identify the type of force that acts as the centripetal
• Describe the difference in rotating and revolving.
• Explain what the period (T) is
Universal Gravitation
• Calculate the force of attraction between two
• Describe the effects on the force when the
mass/distance is increased/decreased