Ancient Greece Project - How is Ancient Greece living in your

Ancient Greece Project - How is Ancient Greece living in your modern world?
Ancient Greece has had a great influence on our modern world and many aspects of our current lives are
directly related to the discoveries of the Ancient Greeks. In this project, you will research various aspects
of Ancient Greece and how they influenced the world we live in now. You will first choose a Driving
Question about ancient Greece that you would like to pursue, then create a final work product to share
your findings.
Driving Questions:
How has the art of the ancient Greeks influenced art today?
How have science and math concepts developed due to discoveries in ancient Greece?
What types of Greek architectural designs are still used today and where in the US can these
structures be found?
How can we decipher our language through the study of Greek root words?
Choose a Greek or mythological character to research, then select a typical problem faced by
middle school students today and write a descriptive narrative about how their hero or heroine
would handle it.
Where in Europe is Greece located? What is the geography? How did geography affect its
What events led to the rise and fall of the Greek empire?
What features does Ancient Greek government share with modern day democracy?
Create your own Greek myth to explain some modern phenomena
What achievements/inventions of Ancient Greece influence the modern world?
Which way of life, that of Sparta or Athens, best met the needs of the majority of residents? How
can "positive" and "negative" lessons from Sparta and Athens be applied to modern nations?
Compare the modern Olympics to the Olympics in ancient Greece
Find two buildings in your community, one in classical Greek style and another in a modern style.
Discuss and explain differences in style, structure, and appearance.
Does Spartan or Athenian life better exemplify what it meant to be Greek? Defend your position
with specific details and analysis.
Identify Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Which of the ancient philosophers was most influential?
Defend your choice with specific details and analysis.
Why was the Peloponnesian War bad for the winners as well as the losers?
Should Alexander be called “the Great?” Defend your answer with specific details.
How were the outmanned Greeks able to defeat the mighty Persians in the Persian War?
Why has the Trojan War remained so famous for so long?
Driving Question: DQ is Clear, concise, and answerable. Student identifies what is important to know
about the DQ and asks higher-level questions which reflect depth of thought.
Research: Obtains reliable, accurate and wide-ranging information that represents a variety of
perspectives. Summarizes the research effectively and in own words.
Presentation/Work Product: student chooses a presentation/work product that is appropriate for the topic
and shares findings in a concise, informative and insightful way
Your Driving Question:
___________________________________________________________________ .
Getting Started: What questions do you need to answer to understand your DQ?
Search Terms: Based on your DQ and Getting Started Questions, what are some search terms you could
use to find your information efficiently?
Bibliography- Cite your sources using this site: