children`s book project

children's book project
Proyecto para la clase de español 1
The purpose of this project is to reinforce the use of the
verb “estar” with prepositions (location words) through
the writing of an original children’s book. This book will
be modeled on the Children’s title
– “¿Dónde está Max?-Students should be aware that this project will
take the place of one classroom examination.
Effort and final appearance construction of the
project will be evaluated by the rubric below:
varied use of vocabulary
appropriate structure (grammar), such
as word order in sentences, verb tense,
subject and verb agreement, and nounadjective agreement
creativity and originality (Use of
imagination, original ideas, and ways of
displaying the information that are
unique to your project)
general visual appeal (Does you
project look nice, as if you spent some
time and effort planning and putting it
Projects must be completed and handed in by Tuesday, November 27, 2012
The book will be entirely written in Spanish
A title (cover) page This page must include the title (in Spanish), and the names of the people
in the group that worked on the book. The names must be preceded by the words “Escrito
por_________” (written by) and “Ilustrado por_________” (Illustrated by)
The book will have a construction paper cover
The content of the book (all other pages) will be done on white copy paper
All materials necessary (paper, colored pencils, etc) will be supplied by the teacher
All partners must participate equally. All work will be done in class, not at home.
Any text (words) written inside the book must be checked by the teacher. Grammatical and
spelling errors are not allowed in finished projects. They will severely reduce the grade for
the book.
The last page of the book must have the word “FIN” (the end)
Each page that has text must beaccompanied by an illustration.
Copying the model book “¿Dónde está Max? will result in a failing grade. The book is to be
used as an example. BE CREATIVE!
Your teacher is in the classroom to help you. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.