Weather and Climate Is there a Difference?

Weather and Climate
Is there a Difference?
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• Weather is the condition of
the atmosphere at a particular
time and place.
• Weather is affected by 4
atmospheric factorsHeat
Air Pressure
Weather Info…..
To forecast weather scientists must collect
Weather satellites orbit the planet and takes
pictures that are sent to radio and TV
Radar sends out radio signals that are
reflected from objects.
There are more than 400 weather stations
across the US.
Weather maps and symbols tell us
information about the weather we are having,
and what kind of weather to expect.
Air Masses
• Weather changes when a new air mass
moves over an area.
• An air mass is a large body of air that has a
certain temperature and certain amt. of
• There are 4 kinds of air masses:
maritime tropical- warm, moist, ocean
maritime polar- cold, moist, ocean
continental tropical- hot, dry, land
continental polar- cold, dry, land
Weather Fronts
• A front is the leading edge of an air
• There are 4 types of fronts:
Warm Front- rain and showers
followed by humid weather
Cold Front- violent storms,
followed by fair cool weather
• Wind is caused by a difference in
air pressure.
• Wind is moving air (speed +
• Air moves from an area of higher
pressure to and area of lower
• Climate is the general
weather of an area over a
long period of time.
• Climate is affected by
Latitude, Elevation,
Topography (shape of
land), distance from
water, global winds, and
ocean currents.