Grade 1

December 2014
Buker Art Newsletter
Kindergarteners: have been mixing new and original paint colors using
only red, yellow and blue, the primary colors.
As part of their exploration of the many things in their lives created by
artists, they have Created ‘designer gift bags. Clay bowls (Just like the ones
in your kitchen!) are drying and waiting to be glazed and fired.
Grade 1: Students in grade one have been learning how to work with
geometric shapes using 2-D and 3-D paper techniques. They are creating
2-D and 3-D houses with paper. Mrs. O’Shea’s class is also working with
shapes. They recently learned how to draw 2-D shapes and shade them to
look 3-D. This lesson was created as part of the new teacher evaluation. It
connects math with art.
Grade 2: Students in Ms. Oliviera’s class are working on creating a paper
“Mola” inspired by the concentric patterns in the fabric mola’s that are a
tradition among the Native Americans of Central America. Ms. Gambino’s
class is finishing up a unit on architecture. They recently learned how to
weave with paper using odd and even numbers. When finished, their woven
paper will become a house for a collage lesson. Ms. Gambino’s class will
also learn about concentric patterns coming up soon.
Grade 3: Third graders have compared Pablo Picasso’s realistic and more
abstract styles, looking at the ways an artist can use symbolic color and
shapes to express what they feel on the inside vs what they look like on the
outside. They are working on lettering project to design an original ‘font’ to
express something about their interests. Look for this project on this year’s
art portfolio.
Grade 4: Students in Ms. Mastrianni’s class are finishing monochromatic
paintings using shape, color and design principals to represent the feeling of
a particular piece of music. Mrs. Blanchard’s class recently learned about
the Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso. They will also be creating monochromatic
paintings using a guitar as our subject.
Grade 5: Fifth graders have been creating bas-relief sculptures inspired by
Incan images of the sun. Ms. Reed’s class has begun practicing calligraphy,
using alphabets and tools used since the 1700’s. Ms. Mohan’s class will
soon begin this project.
Please Note: Art portfolios will be going home in March this year. Your
child’s portfolio can be found in their classroom during Open House. They
can be taken home that evening. Artwork is on display throughout the school