Curriculum Information for Parents-Spring`15

St Luke’s C.E. First School
Curriculum Information For Parents
Spring Term 1 2015
CLASS: Year 4 (Mrs Leach)
Skills: Punctuation; speech marks; spelling rules including letter strings and patterns.
Fiction: Descriptions of settings
Poetry: Creating Images/Similes.
Non-Fiction: Viewpoints; Recording a science experiment
Position, movement and angle: Recognise horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and parallel lines
in relation to other lines; Identify acute, obtuse and right angles; Know that angles are measured
in degrees and that one whole turn is 360°; Use the eight compass points to describe direction;
Describe and identify positions and plot points on a grid of squares
Shape and symmetry: Compare and draw polygons and classify them by identifying their
properties; Visualise 3-D objects from 2-D drawings and make 3-D models using construction
kits; Identify lines of symmetry in 2-D shapes and patterns; Identify right angles in 2-D shapes;
Measure and calculate the perimeter of a rectilinear figure (including squares) in centimetres and
Fractions and decimals: Count in tenths and hundredths and recognise the equivalence
between decimal and fraction forms of tenths and hundredths; Compare, order and round decimal
numbers with one decimal place; Use diagrams to identify equivalent fractions; Find fractions of
numbers, quantities or shapes; Use diagrams to add and subtract pairs of fractions with the same
P.E. Day: Tuesday.
Homework Arrangements: Reading, spellings and timetables. Homework sent out for the half
term in a block and returned the week before the end of the half term.
Weekly Spellings: Set on Monday and tested on Friday.
Reading books: Reading books (the books the children take home) can
be changed as soon as completed.
Year 4 blog: Please encourage your child to use our blog. They can
comment using their school email address.
Expectations: Now settled into Year 4, the oldest class in the school, children are still expected
to ‘rise to the occasion’. They are expected to set good examples to others as independent
learners, creative thinkers, when reflecting on their abilities, when managing their motivation and
emotions and when working together as a team. These are good skills that will serve them well
as they move on through childhood and beyond. Please encourage your child to be the best that
they can be.