DNA paper model activity

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DNA Model Activity
Define the following terms:
Adenine –
Cytosine –
Deoxyribose Sugar –
Double Helix –
Eukaryotic –
Guanine –
Thymine –
Nitrogen Base –
Prokaryotic –
Procedure – Construct a 3D model of DNA. Use the template provided to complete this
Analysis Questions
1. What base dose adenine pair with?
2. What base does guanine pair with?
3. Describe the shape of the DNA molecule. (Draw a picture if it helps)
4. What are the three components of a nucleotide? (Look at your model if you are
5. Suppose you know that the sequence of bases on one DNA strand (one side of the
DNA ladder) is AGCTCAG. What is the sequence of the bases on the opposite
6. Assume that a 100-base pair DNA double helix contains 45 cytosine’s. How many
adenines are there?
7. How does the 5’ (5 prime) side differ from the 3’ (3 prime) end?
8. Write a summary of the structure of DNA that (at least) includes the terms: base,
sugar, phosphate, nucleotide, base pair, and helix.