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736 S. Farmer Street
Otsego, MI 49078
St. Margaret School will provide a firm educational foundation of religious values and
academic knowledge for each student in a Catholic, nurturing environment.
Volume 2, Issue 2
September 16, 2013
Dear Parents,
On this past Wednesday morning, all of the students and teachers gathered around the
flagpole to honor and remember those who sacrificed their lives, and others whose lives were
forever changed by the tragedy twelve years ago on September 11th. Middle School students
read the prayers and intercessions. All of the students stood quietly and respectfully. We
were joined by Father Stanley, himself a veteran. Thank you Father Stanley for your time
spent serving our country—we were honored by your presence. Thank you also for giving
the students the small flags that they carried ever so carefully as they walked in and out of
school in silent reflection.
What a nice surprise to see the landscaping that Mr. Mark Sundberg had done around the
flagpole area complete with beautiful flowers and plants. As one student remarked, “It’s nice
to take care of this area to show respect for our flag and our country.” As a result, there are
students who expressed a wish to be part of tending to that garden area on a regular basis
throughout the year.
St. Margaret students joined with other students from St. Mary Visitation, St. Rose of Lima,
St. Stanislaus, and St. Therese to celebrate mass with Bishop Bradley last Friday.. I was so
proud of all of the students. Our students who had special parts in the mass celebration did
an excellent job and all students were on their best behavior! Have a great week!
Jan Hall, Principal
[email protected]
This week, St. Margaret students will begin taking MAP tests along with other students in the
Diocese. Third through eighth grade will be tested in Reading, Language, Math, and
Science. Kindergarten through second grade will only be tested in Reading and Math.
Results will be sent electronically and so we should have those in a very short time. We will
send home parent reports after all students have finished testing. Please refer to individual
classroom newsletters for more detailed information regarding when your child(ren) will test.
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On September 17th, 1787, fifty-five delegates to the Constitutional Convention held their
final meeting and signed the Constitution of the United States. In 2004, President George W.
Bush signed into law a statute establishing September 17th of each year as Constitution Day.
Educational institutions across America hold programs and engage students in learning
activities about our Constitution. We would like to see as many students as possible where
the colors of our flag to school on September 17th--Don’t forget to ask your child(ren) about
what they learned about the U.S. Constitution this week..
approaching. We need everyone to participate to make this year the most
successful year ever!
Remember, of the fifteen parent service hours required each semester, four
of those hours must be for the HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL. Please sign up if
you have not done so already, or contact Kerri Moore, 269-685-1510, to get
more information about how you can help.
Please consider helping out during lunch and/or recess. The students enjoy having their
parents here at school, and your presence helps keep our children safe. Please sign up in the
school office.
There are many opportunities for parents to fulfill the fifteen parent service hours each
semester. One such opportunity will be on Friday, September 20th. Please join us to help
spread mulch around our playground equipment from 4-6 PM. Anyone wishing to contribute
to the “playground fund” to help cover the cost of the mulch, can drop off donations to the
school office any time. All gifts big and small, are greatly appreciated.
If you would like to accompany your child’s class on a field trip, help with lunch or recess, or help
with classroom parties and other school events, you must attend an initial Virtus training and have a
criminal background check. The following is a list of future Virtus training session dates and times:
St. Catherine of Siena Parish (Portage) 1150 W. Centre Wed., Sept. 18, 2013, 6:00 PM
St. Monica Parish (Kalamazoo) 534 W. Kilgore Rd., Sat., Sept. 28, 2013, 1:00 PM
St. Mary School (Paw Paw) 508 Paw Paw St. Wed., Oct. 9, 2013, 6:30 PM
St. Monica School (Kalamazoo) 530 W. Kilgore Rd., Tues., Sept. 17, 2013, 6:00 PM
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We would like to see 100% of our students dressed in their uniforms with red shirts for our
St. Margaret All School Mass which will be celebrated on Sunday, September 22nd at 11:00
AM. We want to celebrate our school and offer our prayers for all of our families and parish
supporters. Whether you have students in our school or not, I want to thank you for all of
your prayers as well as the support you provide in so many different ways. See you there!
I SAW YOUR CHILD TODAY…It was September 11th. She was standing with her class
around the flagpole. The class began to silently file back in to school after our prayer
service. Another student had accidentally dropped their small flag. Your child quickly
picked it up and gave it to the owner. Your child smiled without saying a word and held her
own flag with both hands next to her heart.
MAP Assessments
Constitution Day
Playground Beautification, 4-6 PM
All School Mass and Parish Picnic
LCAB Mtg, 7:00 PM, McGuire Rm
Feed Our Friends Day
NO SCHOOL, Teacher In-Service
Living Rosary
HALF DAY, Dismissal 11 AM
Halloween Carnival
ESCANABA in da MOONLIGHT by Jeff Daniel
Allegan Knights of Columbus & St. Margaret’s Knights of Columbus present Escanaba in da
Moonlight by Jeff Daniels. Please check out the poster at school for more information, or for
tickets stop by the school office. Tickets are $15 each, or $25 per couple
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