Each moth you will have to fill a certain quota of points.
The quota will vary per month based on the number of opportunities available each month.
You MUST notify Jason, Emma or Ilana when you have earned/lost points.
These are the things you get points for:
Chapter Event: 6 Points
Chapter Board Meeting: 8 Points
Regional Dance/Non-Convention Event: 5 Points
Regional Convention: 10 points
LTI (October): 18 points
Encampment (counts for September): 14 points
International Convention (December): 12 points
Note: If you do not attend a regional convention but you attend the Saturday night dance of the
convention, you will receive 5 points.
These things will make you lose points:
Writing on the board Facebook/Email thread on Shabbat/Yom Tov*: -2 points
Failing to follow through with a commitment: -3 points
Inappropriate Behavior** on internet or at an event/board meeting: -6 points
*This includes all forms of LUSY related content on social media/internet
**As determined by Jason
Additional Opportunities:
Helping clean up after an event: +2 points
Going to TBS Shabbat services (must be noted by Rabbi Dorsch): +3 points
Bringing a first timer to a chapter event: +4 points
Participating in a leadership role in services at conventions: +4 points
Attending a Livingston Kadima event: +3 points
Attending event of another Hagalil Chapter: +2 points
Registering for a USY Summer Program***: +7 points
Wearing LUSY regalia to chapter/regional event: +1 point
***Points awarded for the month in which you register.
Emma Siegel, LUSY President 2012-2013
June 2012
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