File - Mrs. Morey`s AP Human Geography

APHG Bell Ringers
For the week of September 14, 2015 – Questions related to Unit I, Nature and Perspectives
of Geography (look pages xxi to xxiii of your textbook to see each of the units and what you are
expected to learn) not all of these may be in our current chapter, you should research to help you answer
all the questions.
Question #1: Which of the following columns represent a set of terms that relate to a formal, functional or
vernacular/perceptual region?
Bible Belt
National Public Radio (NPR)
Rust Belt
Federal capital, Washington D.C.
Southeastern Conference
Turner Broadcasting (TBS/TNT)
Print a blank outline map of the United States, draw a boundary/border around what you perceive to be the
“South,” the “West” and the “Rust Belt”. Explain your borders.
Question #2: What are some human geographic concepts that can be connected to the current situation
regarding Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees trying to make their way towards Northern and Western Europe?
Find some recent news articles/videos about the current situation to help you answer this question.
Also compare and contrast a potential U.S. response to ISIS to our decision not to engage in Rwanda during the terrible
genocide that occurred in 1994. You will need to do some research on these two topics.
Question #3: The idea that a person living in the highlands of western China will likely become a herder of
animals represents the geographic concept of
The idea that people began migrating to the southwest desert in the post WWII period in the United States represents
the geographic concept of
. Brainstorm and give further examples of both terms.
How would both an environmental determinist and a possibilist justify the future possibility of economic growth in
Question #4: The following story best represents ethnocentrism.
Michael Fay, a U.S. citizen, was caught vandalizing property in Singapore. He was sentenced to be caned (beaten with a
bamboo pole) six times. The U.S. government (and citizens) objected to this punishment as a form of cruel and unusual
punishment. Singapore argued that these laws were what kept their country so much cleaner than the U.S.
Provide other examples that represent the concept of ethnocentrism. (at least 3)
Question #5: The following examples best represent which types of diffusion in human geography?
The popularity of disco music in North Africa
The spread of Enterovirus 68 in the U.S. (2014) (2:07)
The introduction of the Maharaja Mac in India
The spread of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club in the United States
The migration of the Amish from Northern Europe to Pennsylvania and Ohio
The spread of the Ebola virus throughout West Africa (2014)
The legacy of Soviet communism in Cuba, Vietnam and three others